The Sweet is never as sweet without the sour…..

This weekend I had my final Origami Owl party of the season. (you can still email or message me with orders Smile )
But with my due date fast approaching on the 19th it was time to let others around me help. I was very lucky that at both my shows this weekend I had a team member wanting to shadow me for back up and at the third one when I was just not up to it physically a team member who stepped in and took it over. This company has brought so much joy to our lives. I have met some of the nicest people and now have the honor of working with some of the hardest working and caring people I have ever met too. This company has also brought financial stability to our family. This Christmas has been a cash only Christmas, with some to spare. In fact just this morning my hubby said he was going to swing by a store to get our daughter something he saw online and just like that it was fine, no worrying about do we have the funds for the extra gift.
I know there are other factors in this but what has had the major impact is O2. The other emotion this weekend brought was this sweet, baby will be here in about 10 days or less. It seems like just yesterday we were still hoping and wishing but the time is here. I feel so very lucky to be carrying this life inside of me. I can not wait to see his face and welcome him to this world. It will be one year ago on 12/12 that we lost our last baby. That loss shook me to my core, making me question so many things. I am so very thankful I did not give up. Without that sad, sad loss we would not have sweet baby NP about to make his appearance. I guess the saying the sweet can not be as sweet without the sour. That is so true in this case. This baby is so loved and wanted.
I can’t wait to meet you baby ❤

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