Update on mom {9/23/13 am}

Well she is in ICU. It makes me so sad to see her like this and I know when she becomes aware of everything she is going to be so upset. They had to cut out ten inches of her intestines. She now has a colostomy bag, a drainage tube and an open wound. They had to leave the wound “open” because her abdomen was so filled with her waste (making her so very ill) they could not get it all. The packing in her would will help “weep” out the rest of the waste. She is on heavy medication to fight the E. Coli infection as well.
The doctor said this could have been caused by her Diverticulitis condition but not 100% sure.
She had a good night, her temperature was slightly elevated but the nurse said it was normal and due to the surgery itself and should start coming down and has some. She is still on the ventilator and heavily sedated. She will not be able to have any visitors other then family until she is out of ICU and we are not too sure when that will be.
I am hoping sometime today they will have her wake up. Thank you for your continue concern and support. I will post updates as often as possible.

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