And so it begins….

Well I had gestational diabetes with the first two so it was no surprise I would have it with this baby. For the last few weeks i have been working on my diet and monitoring my sugar levels in my blood. Well needless to say it has not been going well. My levels have been out of hand. I have been giving somewhat of a half-hearted effort but trying more towards the end. Well…..on Friday (friday the 13th LOL) I went in tot he doctors fully expecting to get yelled at but she surprised me…. she sent me to the hospital! I have now been here for three days and hoping to go home tomorrow. They started me on insulin. No FUN! The shots aren’t so bad really but the hospital food is really bad and because i am so picky it is prolonging my stay. There are a few upsides… I had two Origami Owl parties planned and while it super sucks to lose the commission I was able to help two of my team members and they covered for me. It was so nice to have my team really step up and take care of me. Then I have gotten so many well wishes, prayers, messages, emails and visitors over the last few days. It really makes me feel so loved and cared about. I also got a very long detailed ultrasound of the baby. The tech said baby boogie is “perfect”. I am so happy he is doing well. Nathan
I love this kid!!! Crazybaby
24 weeks and 3 days

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