Dream a little dream

When you really think about it being pregnant is really bizarre. I have zero complaints about it. I am probably one of the happiest pregnant person you will every come across. Don’t get me wrong, I have been know to order some wild things from time to time and blame the baby but I don’t do a lot of complaining in general about being pregnant.

When I say bizarre I mean think about it… there is a whole human living inside my body. To make matters a bit laughable (literally) I am carrying this baby very low, so every moment makes me laugh and giggle. I am so ticklish. It quite comical…. I’ll be sitting there and for no reason just start laughing.

One thing I do not care for is the wild dreams. I have always been a vivid dreamer but during pregnancy it gets out of hand. Last night I had a horrible dream about MD. In my dream we were in the past and there was a plague. CD and I were roaming the city looking for MD. She was lost. As if that wasn’t scary enough we looked in an area just for sick kids and found a little girl who was very sick, almost unrecognizable. She looked like MD. I was crying and said lift her shirt and there were her birth marks and I screamed it is her and she is so sick. And just kept screaming until I jerked awake. It was so bad I had to go lay in bed with her for a bit.

She was so sweet, just hugging me saying “its ok momma I’m ok”. But it took awhile for me to go back to sleep. Ahhh I hate nightmares.

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