More blood tests

Today due to my “advanced maternal age” the doctor wanted me to do a fetal DNA blood test. This test will show most chromosome issues the baby may have. As a bonus We will find out the sex. I struggled with taking this test. I have never worried about this kind of thing. I know I will have the baby no matter what the test shows but I worry about CD. He really has never been on board with wanting another child. He loves me and wants me to be happy therefore another baby we are having but if there are complications….. He views that as reason to terminate this life. The reason I am so concerned is I will never agree to that no matter what and I worry it could cause such a rip it could end our marriage. That thought is so scary and maybe over dramatic but I am concerned. It will be a looong two weeks till we get the results. I did an at home test to determine the se and it says we are having a boy! CD is excited about that. If it is a boy his name will be Nathan Phillip. If the results of the blood test come back as girl her name will be Hope Anne. I’m just hoping for healthy.

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