Not what he says but what he does that counts

Yesterday was Valentines Day. J gave me an Owl mug and was so proud of himself. (I gave him a fishing pole rack) All this done via the kids because we “don’t” exchange gifts. J and I have been together for 17 years. He know everything there is to know about me and loves me anyway. He may not always say “I love you” with words but it’s the little things, things no one else would think to do or want to.
He makes the best homemade pizza and does this weekly and I love it! He doesn’t even like pizza.
When I say I want fondue for dinner he always shreds the cheese for me.
He is always home and never travels.
He never questions me about money I have spent.
He allows me the freedoms to go out with my friends, volunteer with my women’s club or just enjoy an evening with no kids.
When I have an O2 party he always loads the van with my stuff.
When he goes to bed he always covers me and kisses me three times.
He knows why I have friend rules and mostly agrees with them.
He doesn’t have a Facebook account because he knows it would make me insane.
He lets me read in bed even when he is trying to sleep.
He loves me no matter what even when we don’t tell each other.
He understands my crazy.

We have always loved this song and fancy it our song.

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  1. homeinawoods
    Feb 19, 2013 @ 15:57:21

    I love it when the little things say so much.


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