2013 Resolutions

ok I lie… I decided to make a few 2013 Resolutions…

1. To plan more fun “dates” with the kids. And to invite friends no matter if anyone comes or not.

2. To kill people with kindness no matter what.

3. To not let my silly friend “rules” ruin a friendship. Not everyone gets my rules and honestly I need to realize they are silly and if a rule is “broken” does not mean that friend doesn’t care about me.

4. To not push people away no matter how uncomfortable I get. Remembering putting up a wall doesn’t protect me, it only makes me lonely.

5. Remember everything is not always about me. people have their own shit. Sometimes people do things for reasons having nothing to do with me.

6. Take responsiblity for what is my fault and to let go of stuff that isn’t my fault.

7.  To love… Love myself, my kids, my husband and my friends even when they (including me) mess up.

8. To help other moms especially one just starting out in their own business as much as I can.

Ok I think that’s it.  For a person who stands against making Resolutions I sure made a lot of them.

I thought with losing the baby I decided life was too short to resolve to change anything but I actually see differently now. Life is too short to hold onto things, especially when those things are only hurting myself.

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