ok I decided….

Ok the below post is somewhat detailed so if you get grossed out or don’t want to know stop reading but I feel like I need to write these things down….

I placed the medication in at 4am  today 12/12/12. I had mild cramps until about 7am, at that time the process started happening. The cramps were not too much more then a bad period. My back has hurt more then anything else. The cramps were most intese at around 11am. (7 hours post meds). Clots have been coming out all day. Now at 2pm the cramps are very mild and the blodd is more like a period now. I feel like I am on the upswing. Thankfully I did not have any vomiting or diahreah. I have taken the tylenol codeine the doctor gave me every four hours and have been drinking a lot of water and using a heating pad. Over all for me the fear of the unexpected was much worse. I am glad my healing process can begin now that this process is almost over.

My heart goes out to any mother who has to go through this.

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