So it’s official and we have a plan in place

ok So on 3/23/12 we were given the official diagnosis of Asperger’s for our JM. The doctor said in her test he does not have ADD or ADHD so that is one good thing.

Since the diagnosis I have read two books, searched over the internet, gone to two support group meetings, had a playdate with a mom and her three Aspie kids (with my kids as well) and have continued in JM’s group and one on one counseling sessions. And no I do not believe in doing anything half way. At first I was sad, now I am totally ok with this. More importantly he is ok with it. It is actually a bit relieving. When he starts rambling or acting inappropriately I just calmly remind him and he seems so much more in time with what is happening in his body.

True to Asperger form he is very matter of fact about what is going on with him and he actually comes to me more and tells me when he doesn’t understand when he is feeling a certain way or if something is said he “doesn’t get”.

I have found that there are so many different ways Asperger’s effects different people so that is a bit of a challenge but I feel like the medication, different behavior strategies and counseling are all working very well for us at this time.

Today we had our first planning meeting at the school for JM and his 504 plan. It was a rush job due to the fact that FCATs are next week and we wanted it in place before this. The school was very accommodating with what I wanted to add. I do get a good feeling that they do have my boy’s best interest in mind. We have the wheels in motion for an IEP meeting. So I am hoping that will go smooth. I will post more about the steps and strategies we have put into place for him.

He has been doing really good though. I am proud of him.

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