“There’s money to be made”


I have a new TV obsession (like i need another one)…. Storage Wars. I just love this show. It is basically a show about a group of people who go around buying abandoned storage lockers and then trying to resell the content for profit. I had a friend who maybe four years ago approached me about doing this and it sparked my interest then but even more so now. Problem then and now is the capital and how to off load the items. My Aunt this year opened a resale shop but she’s still struggling but what an adventure.

I wish I had a nerve to start a business. I have so many ideas.

My most recent idea is a bit of a life coaching type of one stop shop company. To clarify I would not be doing any coaching but I know someone who would be more then quified in that department. I would love to run the business, do the marketing, schdules, organize and maybe run an art type groups for little kids. My son has been going through some major issues these past few weeks and finding him the resources and help he needs and the support I need has been harder then it should have been. I would love to be in the business of making that easier. So that’s just one more idea I have going.


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