Do you ever feel “pinned” to the computer?

So the new time sucking internet craze is www. pinterest .com. I heard about it about six months ago but have been avoiding it like the plague. I know just how much time can be lost on these type of sites. Just look at how big blogs were about 15 years ago, then message board forums, then my space, then facebook and now pinterest. It is so easy to get lost in cyberspace.

I do have back topics to write about as far back as the kids birthdays in November but for now I focus on current events.

This week is Spring Break and we are happily enjoying the Lakehouse again this year. It is just as we left it last August. It is peaceful, tranquil, full of nature and adventure and let’s not forget the naps! Zeus is enjoying himself as well. He is quite cute sniffing the air, barking at bunnies and dears and loving swimming in the pool. I love the dears will run by so close at night if you are quiet enough, we’ve seen three so far. It is a bit cooler this year due to Spring Break being in March instead of April but we are dealing with it. We have been here five nights and have two more left. I have read two and a half books, spent an afternoon on pinterest “pinning” some cool stuff and it’s not even over yet. Then back to reality. I did restructure my work schedule so I will be working less. Due to JM’s issues I’ve had to cut back my hours so I decided to work from 9-3 with every other Friday off with one job instead of 9:30-6pm M-F with two jobs.

I would love to try to go back to creating things to sell online but I never seem to find the time to craft but maybe now with less working hours I will.

The baby plans were set back a bit. My last blood test (3 weeks ago) came back with my sugar levels still too high. On one hand I know I need to continue to work on this and get it under control before I get pregnant again but on the other hand it is unfair for this doctor to be able to have this kind of control over what we do and when. But whatever I still want a baby to be our outcome. Sadly due to JM’s recent issue’s I have put my diet and baby efforts on hold but when we get back starting Monday I am ready to go head on and re-tackle this sugar issue again. Then I will re-test 4-6 weeks after that.

So that is almost a total Crazymom update. I hope all is well with everyone else. I will post about JM’s issues once we have a firm handle on them and I can post a complete assessment.

**UPDATE we found out at the end of this trip MD faints at the sight of blood….. like seriously out cold. OH the Drama!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jcrewchik
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 20:46:56

    its like tumbler but for adults, pinterest


  2. mommywindow
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 22:13:43

    are you on pinterest?


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