and just like that a month has past…

I know it has been awhile since my last post. My grandmother (Nana) ended up being in the hospital for over two weeks. It was a very scary event but she is home now and doing much better, thankfully. She has a nurse coming in now and not 100% out of the woods but doing much better. I am still learning how to be a working mother. I have to say I hate not being home, not having the freedom to go to the kid’s school or do the things that I need to do like shopping or laundry or other things that now take up weekend family time. I have always had an amazing husband and even more so now but I still hate it. I now have two part time jobs and today I started a third fill in type job that I hope will turn into something. I want to pay off as much of our house as possible so we can move closer to the kids school, which is currently about a 45 minute drive one way. Like so many our house is upside down and because we have good credit and not behind we don’t qualify for any programs out there. But unlike a lot of people we aren’t so upside down it is hopeless. So that is where I am currently….. trying to figure out how to be this new person.

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  1. shelly
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 14:10:01

    I love an miss you soooo much…….


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