holding pattern

What did you do for New Years? We stayed home …. very exciting! We popped a bottle of sparkling grape juice and cheers-ed our way into the wee hours of the night. The kids lasted much longer then me and that is a sad affair and I totally feel old.

I don’t feel like I have anything new to write about despite the list of “to be blogged” items I have running in my hand written journal. (which I must say I think keeping a hand written journal is a lost art and I love mine). ok so on so many levels our family seems to be on the horizon of new things but just on the tip not yet happening. So many around us are going through life changing events. A few friends are having babies, two are moving, one is losing tons of weight and another just started a new job today. I spent the day making work calls, cleaning out the board game shelf, cleaning out the girl’s bedroom and reorganizing it and posting all our stuff for sale. It crossed my mind I might have been a bit more successful with this if I had done this before Christmas as I have not gotten one nibble and now my office is packed with excess of toys we have decided need to go live somewhere else.

But whatever her bedroom and our game shelf both look so much better. And I suppose my office is an “organized” mess that is on it’s was out the door.

Speaking of handwritten items, the kids spent the afternoon hand writing their Christmas card Thank Yous. I think that is so very important. They are some of the unlucky few to have birthdays so close to the holidays as they just wrote birthday thank yous but alas mom said “to bad” and off they went. Now if only the mail would run one of these days so I could get them off. For some reason our mail carrier didn’t work Thursday, Friday, Saturday or today. I know they are underpaid but come on already!!!

But it’s not just USPS I’m ticked at FedEx as well. After 2.5 years my cell phone is on its last leg…. RIP oh purple Blackberry, I will miss you. I gave in and went to the Verizon store on the 29th thinking I would get an after Christmas sale HA HA no not only not but most of the newer phones are on back order. So after I decided on the most current phone that still has an actual keypad now I wait for two-day delivery but due to the holiday it may come tomorrow or Wednesday…. meanwhile my sweet blackberry is only holding about a 30 minute charge and thats if I don’t text or call or use it in any way. Anyone who knows me, knows that just doesn’t work for me.

So cross your fingers for me and my new Samsung Stratosphere with extend battery for all my 4g needs will hurry up and get here soon. We will see.



By the Way Happy New Years!!!


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