Happy Birthday MD!

I can not believe 7 years have past since my sweet, independent, wild, sensitive girl I dreamed of all my life was born. As an adult time does fly but being in the same house and place for the last almost 5 years makes the passage of time seem slow but when I look at my child who is really almost as tall as I am I realize how fast it is going.

She is so grown up in some ways. Like how she always wants to be the little mommy of the house and in charge of herself but then there are times when she needs me. Times she will cuddle and pull her long legs in my lap and just sit for a bit. I will so miss that.

It is nice to have her old enough to actually do girl stuff with. She and I went on a girl’s night out to the Melting Pot and my husband who hates that place was thrilled. We go to the spa and do our nails and she is now old enough to tell the stylist just how to cut her hair.

I wonder what the future will bring. Will she ask me who to date and what College classes to take? Will she ask me to shop with her? In some ways I miss my baby but it is exciting to see what kind of teenager and young woman she will become.

I love this girl! Happy Birthday Princess Dirty Face!!!

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