always out of time….

Why is it there never seems to be enough time? I feel like I am constantly running from one thing to another like a chicken with my head cut off. I swear I try to stay organized but as of right now it is not working very well. I hate this time of year though really. I have two kid’s with November birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas stress and add in the fact I carry around not only my current calendar but also my next year calendar I swear I feel crazy.

Since switching schools last year the PTA pressure is thankfully off. They actually have a paid employee that running their version of PTA fallings into her job description. She just get parent’s to help her with different events. And due to the volunteer hour requirements at school it really isn’t hard for her to find the help. I have successfully past off all of my Boy Scout responsibilities if only someone would step up to my Girl Scout co-leader position I would have it made. I am still head organizer for my moms club but that is one area that I wish to keep very active, so I am not looking to pass that one along just yet. I enjoy that very much plus the other organizers are just a really awesome group of girls who all work together very well. It is truly very nice; there is no bickering or bitchyness. It is wonderful.

So yeah time management… I need to go get some sleep now to prepare for the field trip tomorrow with the 3rd graders.

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