Hugs, Kisses and Finger Kisses!!!

I have always worked in childcare in someway or another. I have held other jobs in banking but always at least a part time since the age of 16 with kids. In 1993 I worked at a daycare that was only for one companies employees. It was neat because the moms (and sometimes dads) all were onsite and came to visit their children often through out the day. I had one mom who always upon leaving would hug and kiss her son and then they would share a “finger” kiss. I loved that. A “finger” kiss is each person kisses their finger and then the two people touch fingers. I would see the boy through out the day kiss his finger when he missed his mom. I knew at that moment I would one day share “finger” kisses with my children. My son was born in 2002 and my daughter in 2004. I can not think of one parting when we did not first “finger” kiss even to this day. It is now our thing. I wonder if that mom and her son still “finger” kiss, he would be about 20 years old. (WOW am I that old?!?) I have had many people comment on the “finger” kiss and I wonder how many other moms think back to watching me and my kids “finger” kiss and now do it themselves. What do you do that is special with your kiddos? I wonder if my kids will “finger” kiss with their children.

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