This month has been a whirl wind already!!! My mom has a wonderful friend who owns a cabin in the Georgia Mountains in a little town called Dahlonega (near Helen). She sent us there with well wishes and a huge binder filled with local activities and restaurants! The only part of the trip that was a bit unnerving was the last bit of the drive up the mountain was a one car lane road. So if another car was coming the other direction someone had to back up until there was a turn off from that main drive. Luckily the two times that happened the other car did the backing up but it was a bit tense.

It was just my mom, me and the two kids. I was a bit worried because we would not have TV or computers for the kids or the Wii to keep the little ones busy… But omh! The kids were going from sun up to sun down and then some!

We panned for gold and gems. Not too much gold was found but the gemming proved to be very prolific. Then we started to take a tour of the mine. I say started because about 10 minutes into our perfectly safe guided descend into the mine, MD flipped out. She got dizzy, pale and said she was going to throw up. She is truly my child, the slightest bit of something being “off” and we can’t seem to handle it. So to JM chagrin we turned around and headed back to the surface. He is still complaining he wants to know what is “down there”.

The next day we went tubing. And oh my that was a hoot. To start with we were in about ankle deep water. JM realized this after he “fell” out of his tube accidentally on purpose, freaked out and was told to just stand up. After a chuckle he said “oh ok” and got back into his tube to continue to “float” down stream. My mom was scared of going too close to the sides of the river in fear of snakes and MD just wanted to face the front. We were all tethered together so someone was almost always facing backwards. My butt kept dragging the bottom and if it hadn’t been so very funny my fat ego would have been bruised. We must have been quite the site to be seen.

The next day we went to a state park. Hiked a mile to a pretty water fall and then hiked back down. At the bottom we found a nice spot and the kids were able to cool off in the creek splashing around. We found many river rocks to bring home to daddy. The kids took a bit of convincing to get in and get wet but MD finally decided it was fun. JM never really got over the sliminess of a creek. I guess my kids are just too spoiled by the Gulf beaches and sandy white shores to truly appreciate the loveliness of a creek. The best part of that day is there was almost no one else around. Just a few people on the hike but none at the creek. It was as if we were all alone in a forest. I could really get use to that!

The next day we explored the small downtown Dahlonega area. Now this really consists of a small square lined with shops and small diner style restaurants. I did manage to spend more money then I wanted but it was fun. The local homemade fudge shop was visited on more then one occasion I must admit.

We also visited Cleveland, GA… Now what is special about that you may wonder…. The Cabbage Patch BabyLand General Hospital that’s what! That was a ton of fun for the girls (by girls I mean me, my mom and MD). We signed in at the hospital and spoke to the nurses and MD was able to adopt a baby and name her. While we were there we witnessed a “live” birth. That was somewhat cool. JM who was grumbling the entire time was delighted when the baby boy was “born” and a name was asked for. We hollered out JM and the Nurse said yes that is a perfect name for this little guy. It brought a smile to my “little guy” to know a baby was in the hospital named after him. I almost wanted to buy it for him but changed my mind remembering it was after all just a doll. All in all it was a fun experience.

The last day we hiked around the cabin and to the creek below. Now I don’t know if I was just tired from a full week or if that hike really was harder then the rest but this one near took it all out of me. I was never so thankful to be back inside as I was at the end of that hike. That one took all I had left.

Then on the drive home we made a small detour to Atlanta to their historic district to a small sweet shop called “The Pie Hole” a homemade pie shop. Very small and cute!!! I have a friend who was “in need” of a Rhubarb pie and I wanted to bring this to her.

All in all a very full and exciting trip!

I got home Sunday night just in time to pack my bags again! Tomorrow I am off for a first ever trip alone. I am off to visit one of my BFFs back in Arizona. I am very nervous about the plane ride. But armed with a few free drink coupons (thanks K) and a prescription of as my mom likes to call them “fly pills” I think I will be ok. I am excited to see the place I associate with my children’s babyhood, our old neighborhood and the best of all one of my BFFs S! She is the best! I speak to her almost everyday. Despite leaving Phoenix over four years ago our friendship is stronger then most girls I see in person on a regular basis. Other then the fact I don’t actually “see” her it is as if nothing has changed too much. It is a bit strange to have friends each doesn’t even know but I suppose in our own sort of time capsule we remain the same. It is a friendship that is irreplaceable. She is one of the few people that truly knows me and loves me anyway. She has seen the ugly side of me and accepts me. And even more shockingly she has seen my corny optimistic “Bee positive” side and takes that too with a grain of salt as well.

We share many of the same struggles but mostly I think we just “get” each other and that is what counts. I look forward to when we are trading grandchildren stories and pictures. Ok I can not put off packing any longer. I’m off to the desert!

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  1. K
    Jul 21, 2011 @ 23:02:40

    seriously the best. pie. ever! and the best delivery person too!! 🙂 also, i am still laughing about the ass on the bottom of the creek…i would have loved to have been there to grace the streambed with my cheeks too!


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