Somebody please get Harper Lee on the horn I have a Mocking Bird for her!

I dream of a day when I am completely organized. HA! The only comfort I have is it seems every other Friend Facebook update is about cleaning out. About every third blog entry I read is about purging and organizing and the other housewives I know all have the same complaint…. Too much stuff, not enough room.

Well I am not in the same boat in the room department. I think our house is plenty big (probably too big) for our needs but the “stuff” is a continual battle. I can always tell how stressed out my life is by how many piles are laying around my house. My stress levels are actually not too high these days but I seems I am falling victim to my old ways of I can not get rid of something if I see its value. About a year ago I purged all of my yard sale bins to friends and goodwill and vowed not to have another sale. That was so freeing. Well I have slowly (very slowly) started to collect a small amount of stuff for a Fall sale. I am taking issue with the fact the time has come for a ton of really good stuff to make it’s was out the door. Stuff I can not begin to recoup the cost of at the local resale shop and certainly I can not just give this good stuff away when I know I can sell it. The problem is my kids have long ago out grown a lot of this stuff but I have held onto it because I have been babysitting a boy who is about three years younger then MD. Well he is off to preK in the Fall and because I have no plans to replace him I have no need to keep these toys. I think that alone is a huge step for me. But really I am happy with my job at the school (well as happy as a girl who does not want to work at all can be) so there is really no excuse to keep these things. I vow after the Fall sale whatever does not sell will NOT be saved for another sale though.

Alright it’s two am and I must try to sleep now to dream of all the ways I can be better organized. That is if that stupid mating Mocking bird can shut up for five minutes… I will post about his little ass another night as I am sure he will have me up again. Jerk of a bird… Who by the way when he first moved into our tree in the backyard I actually called sweet….

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