So do your shortcuts always get you there in the long run? My hubby’s do!

My entire life it seems I have had trust issues. I’m not really sure why. My parents were good to me. (They were married until I was an adult and never really showed signs of an unhappy marriage). There were always enough comforts to go around in our home, including my parent’s time. But as a young girl from as early as fourth grade with Scott Allen I either chose men (or in such cases as Scott’s “boys”) who were in one of two categories: either they weren’t 100% into me & I was in a perpetual mode of chase or men who were chasing me, who I was with but I had my eye open looking for the next great thing to come along. And in both categories whither I was chasing a running man or spinning my wheels with another I never ever fully trusted them. Maybe it was because so many guys I was attracted to felt the need to always have their eyes open for their next great thing as well. Often times I found them while they were in the act of finding it. In any case trust has never been a strong suit for me. Maybe it’s because I have some what of an untrustworthy extended family who I never quite feel is being 100% honest in family matters. What ever is the root, it is there. In my life my dad is really the only man I have learned is being completely honest with me. This not to say he has his own secretive ways but I have never caught him in a lie and if he says he will do something he will do it. He has said he would try and to “let’s see” and though things didn’t exactly always work out in those cases but never a promise gone back on.

That kind of trust is the best part of being married for me. The trust that what is said will be done. I love my husband for that. I know him well enough to know I never have to worry about trust or honesty with him. I would love to be rich, or move to a nicer house with a pool or start a business … sadly my husband can not provide those things at this time. But truth be told the fact I can look him in the eyes every night and know without a doubt I am his next great thing is beyond any words I can write.

I love you honey today and everyday. I have always seen fireworks when we kiss…Happy Anniversary! This has been a great thirteen years and I love that your shortcuts ALWAYS get us there in the long run!

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