And so it begins

Well life is always crazy in the crazy household. I have been told I am always getting myself into crazy employment adventures by my BFF. I suppose she is right but it’s mostly because I am always looking for that just right fit. The one that allows me the most freedom to live my life while earning money for the family. I have always stayed home with the kids but next year the girl will be in 1st grade and the boy in 3rd. Even I can realize when the jig is up……

Thus leads me to the job offer that came last week at my kid’s school. Thankfully it is only part-time but not the best of shifts. I have been told in the Fall the shift may change to be more suitable. Regardless my kids will be in the same location. i won’t have to worry about childcare or what to do with them before or after school. I wasn’t too sure i wanted to go back to working with kids but the bottom line is I will be off when my kids are off and this could turn into something long-term. So if I have to go back to work (crazydad has assured me I do indeed have to) this is a best case.

Please understand I will still stay true to my original backup plan…. winning the PowerBall Lottery.

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