housework totally counts as exercise!

Another great day. We had a very early photo shoot with the kiddos and they did awesome! It was in the forty’s and the photographer had MD in summer clothes and JM in jeans and a tee and neither one of them complained one bit. I was so proud! They enjoyed a nice hot chocolate after (MD called it her Latte LOL). As we were leaving JM saw this sign and thought it was so hilarious!! He howled at the depiction as if the sign people wanted nothing left to chance. LOL


I have a meeting tomorrow for my mom’s group and at the last minute the girl that was going to host called me and asked if I could instead. I said yes but my mind was screaming NO NO NO!!! The house was a wreck. But the good thing is now four hours later it is totally clean. Not only is it clean I had hubby take some boxes to the attic along with a few other things that needed to go out were removed so I am feeling very good about this cleaning job today. I also completely went through my whole kitchen and got rid of some things we no longer need and put other things away in cupboards. The counter tops have never looked so nice. Then because this week is Scouting for Food (a week long where the Boy Scouts collect food for the needy) I cleaned out our food cupboard and came up with two whole bags to give away. Stuff I no longer need to eat like unopened bags of snacks and chips, mac and cheese boxes, candy bars etc. I know I shouldn’t pass out my junk food but I hate to waste it and the needy needs a treat now and then right?

So I am tired now and did not get to the gym today. I am debating a workout DVD but I think I will just count the housework as exercise and call it a day.

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