What’s for lunch?

Ok still going strong with my exercising and diet. I really hate calling it a diet and I refuse to say “lifestyle change” I don’t know why but both terms just annoy me. But whatever, both are on track. Yesterday I didn’t have time to go to the gym and I did a DVD at home. I almost said to hell with it but I changed my mind at 8pm. Indifference is one of the main reasons I am the way I am so I am trying to reverse that. I’m a little bit nervous about this evening; we are going to a surprise birthday party for one of my friends. I know there will be “party” type food. All the stuff I love, chips, pretzels, sweets, carbs, carbs and more carbs… I vow I will not eat any of it. I am going to eat before I leave (4 oz of skinless chicken) and I will have a mini meatloaf (4 oz lean ground beef) waiting for me when we return. So I know I will not be hungry, it will totally be mental.

This month that I have been on this drastic diet I have realized another thing about myself… so much of what I do is focused around food. It’s really sad. Last night for example, MD and her dad went to a Me and My Guy dance for the Girl Scouts so JM and I were home alone. Normally I would have let him play the Wii for the whole three hours while I would have sat like a vegetable in front of the TV eating. Instead I did an exercise DVD. He joined in off and on but he was completely entertained and telling me how good I was doing. Then we spent the next hour and a half playing chess, Monopoly Junior, Uno and talking about the solar system.

Then today instead of going out to eat for brunch we packed a light picnic and went to the river and had a class on shells and fossils and then walked the boardwalk. Wonderful family time. I feel like we are making changes I hope we can continue them. I want to continue with this way of eating long term and when I lose the amount of weight I want then I can add a splurge day once a week. There is so much more to this wonderful life then what’s for lunch.

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