A tid bit or two

So I’m still going strong on my eating and exercising. Yeah me. So yesterday I’m at the gym and I walked a mile and biked a mile then off to kickboxing class. Now I’m no little girl plus I’m a face sweater you do the math at what I looked like after all that. Needless to say my face was a bit red if you will. But I completed the whole class (at least 5 girls left). I’ve taken this class many times before and I am normally one of the largest girls in the room, so nothing new.

As a fat girl I would like to give all others out there a few words of wisdom if you ever find yourself in an exercise class with a bigger girl.

  1. Never ask her if she is ok. Unless she is asking for help or passed out yes she is ok. She may be frowning, sweating more then everyone and most likely panting but if she is upright she is ok.
  2. Never tell her she’s doing a great job, keep it up or this will get easier. Hello she is not 5 years old…. not only does she not need your approval or encouragement she just spent an hour behind your skinny ass proving one day it will pay off. Until that day you just annoy her.
  3. Unless asked do not offer eating tips. She knows how she got the way she is and how to fix it.


The above are just a few guidelines to think about but if you have a comment or questions or advice in mind that you are unsure of or even one you are sure of, it is best to just shut the fuck up. Us bigger girls really just don’t want to talk about it. We are just happy the work out is over and we can go have a shower.

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