I know I haven’t updated the book section of my blog in a v.e.r.y. long time but I have still been reading. Not as much as I once was and not as much as I would like but I am still reading. I got a Nook from Barnes and Noble and I really enjoy it but there is something about holding a book in your hands. I friend let me borrow a book she had. It called Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton. I am almost finished with it and I like it in a bitter sweet way. It’s about a group of friends and their journey through life in a nutshell. I like it because it is sweet and uplifting but bitter in that I miss my group of friends out West. I have somehow not been able to form the same kinds of relationships here and it is so sad to me. I wish I know what was wrong and why I can’t seem to make meaningful friendships. Don’t get me wrong I have friends here but not that sisterhood kind of bond I had before. I wonder if a person only gets that lucky once in a lifetime.  I miss you GTFs……

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