Five things Friday

I have something weighting on my mind. Nothing big or drastic but it is bothering me. My old habits of dwelling on an event, playing the “if I’d said this or did that” game. I would like to evolve from the person who does that. I would like to become a more confident person. Above all else I would like to become the kind of person that can see an event happen, react to said event as appropriately as possible and then (right or wrong) move on and be past the event. I do not want to replay the event over and over. Think about the event over and over and continually seek justification from anyone who will listen for the way I handled the situation. Because no matter how I handled a situation right or not it is over.

So to try to avoid dwelling on my shortcomings I would like to focus on positive things. Thus leading me to Five Things Friday.

Five things I am proud of within myself:

 1. I love and defend my kids and loved ones fierily.

2. I always do what I say I am going to do.

3. I am continually trying to better myself even when I have to admit I am failing at times.

4. I love that I am a planner and almost always know where we are headed, literally and figuratively. This unless I am purposely trying to be spontaneous (even still it is hard not to set a plan LOL)

5. I never give up on something I truly want.

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