Family Time

Wings and Things camp 11/10
I have to say I love Boy Scouting. I love camping too!! We went camping this weekend to an aviation and space themed camp with the Boy Scouts. There were tons of activities (so many sadly we could not get to them all). The kids made a rocket and shot them off, made wooden airplanes, made wooden propellers, looked through telescopes, interviewed astronauts and pilots and other super cool projects. The coolest thing was the first 100 scouts to register got to go up in a four person prop plane! I was so scared and nervous but JM has beside himself excited! He loved the headset and hearing and talking to the tower. He said the other two scouts said their stomach’s hurt but not his. It was about a 20 minutes experience from taxi to land but for me it seemed much longer. My heart was racing and I was sweating in 60 degree weather. But all in all I am glad I let him have this once in a lifetime experience. How many people can say they went in a very small aircraft at 7 year’s old without their parents? I’m glad we are home now though. We have three birthday parties to prepare for that will all take place here at our home all within 18 days of one another. (A family party for the kids and they are each having their own party) what was I thinking????

Ok off to unpack and clean. Here are some more images for you to enjoy> 🙂

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