is it bedtime yet?

As my head hits the pillow tonight and I take a deep breathe. I think “ok 11:48pm if I fall asleep right now I will get a good seven hours of sleep” Then I do the normal thing I do at night… run over in my mind what I did for the day… gave out kids party invites check, did my kids school release forms for next year check, emailed an old friend check, posted on my Blog oh crap….so here I sit, typing away thinking about the loss of sleep. Do all moms have this feeling? The one where all the balls are in the air and you work like hell not to let one fall? And if one does fall why do they all seem to come crashing down? Don’t get me wrong. I am in a relatively good mental place currently. I have been in way worse states but I feel like I am always rushing, short on time, short on energy, short on sleep, short on patience.

I have been doing a lot of clutter clearing as of late. I have gotten rid of my entire garage sale stash. And for those that know me in real life know that is a huge step for me. I have cleared out some toys but can see the ones that still need to go. I really should try to clear out my huge range of different sized clothes but I am hoping to lose weight but that is what always stops me. Maybe next I should focus on some mental clutter clearing.

I have been working on other mental areas. As silly as it sounds I have been working really hard to remember everything isn’t always about me or happening to me. Working to not read too much into people’s words to twist them into having some hidden meaning. I have sadly past this way of thinking down to my son. We are working on his reactions. He tends to think everyone is out to get him or against him. So we both are doing the same exercise when we have these feelings: stop, close your eyes, take three deep breathe and think “this is not a big deal, everything is ok”. Sometimes it works and sometimes there is a meltdown, sadly this is true for both of us. The girl I have pasted other issues to> Mostly her short temper and negative attitude. But we are both working on those as well. Hopefully soon I will see a difference in all three of us. Ok off to bed with about a minute to spare.

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