Do you Google?

So I was watching a show about Google and the question is our information safe. I actually laughed. The only thing Google and the government would learn about me from my Google searches is I can’t spell! I think ever since 9/11 everyone is so concerned with how much the government is monioring us. I personal thought is I have nothing to hide so watch away. That is all under the impression the government is always on my side (think the movie Ememy of the State). To be honeset I think my own mouth and lack of judgement at times is my own worst ememy. But I am working on that.

Oh by the way there is a new super cool thing coming out for your cell phone called Google Goggles.  It’s where you take a photo with your phone of a public place and Google gives you facts in regards to this place.  Or take a photo of a product and Google gives you the reviews and ratings for the product.

I think it will be cool.

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