My friend has Cancer. Her daughter is in JM’s class and her son is two years older. She has been in remission for four months. Four months of thinking she had beat this beast but this horrible, ugly beast is back. Is it so unfair. I think most heart breaking is her children. Just four short months ago she was able to tell them she was getting better, that she had overcome, that they were safe. Now they have to watch her go though chemo again. They have to see her go through another surgery. They have that uncertain scary sadness of what will happen. Will their mom died. It really put everything in my life into perspective. How life is so precious and short. How the only thing that matters is our families and loving them with everything that you are.

My friend is a strong woman. Strong in her mind, body and soul. I have hope that she will once again beat this horrible beast. I can only hope this beast does not distroy her spirt or her family.

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