Tea Time!

Yesterday was MD’s 5th birthday. I can hardly believe that much time has pasted. FIVE years…. It seems like just yesterday I was swing, swimming and walking one foot on and one foot off the curb to try to induce labor with her. With every year she surprises me and ironically she sounds more and more like me every day. For her many more firsts this year; Pre K,  gymnastics class, soccer and cheerleading. We found some of that are strengths and some not so much. What is most scary is it brought us one year closer to “big” school. Where has the baby of the family gone?

She got her tea party complete with Alice. From the sound track playing to the “eat me” signs in the food the party was perfect! I could not have planned it any better. All the moms loved it and the girls (and two boys) had a blast! The party was just as I envisioned it. I am glad it is behind us though.

Happy Birthday MD I love you baby!

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  1. Melissa
    Nov 15, 2009 @ 03:02:01

    It looks like it was a fantastic party! And what a pretty room, too.


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