Day two

Well I decided to get up a bit early to post this morning. I really don’t have a lot on my mind to write about. I am almost completely done planning the kid’s birthday parties. Not only are we having separate parties for the first time ever but we are actually having three parties (one for each child and then a family party). I am feeling surprisingly calm about this. MD is having a tea party at a local tea house with 10 of her little friends. One of my friends is dressing up as Alice… Bless her heart!!! I did have to buy the costume ($50.00) but she is doing it for free I think it is a wash, plus I could not find any companies who had an Alice character. But her invites turned out super cute and I have the games all thought out and prizes ready to go. I think I am ready. The boy wanted a bounce party at the local indoor inflatable place and since I work there it was arranged. That party is pretty much a no brainier. I made the invites with a Pokemon theme and ordered a Pokemon cake and that is pretty much it thankfully! And the family party all the calls have been made and I am just planning to make pasta and salad and it should be a small affair. Now If I could just get through the Community Fall Festival (I am one of three people in charge of it) I think I will be ok…. For now. OK Off to start the day.

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