Take them as they come….

I can hardly believe MD has been in school for two weeks. The same week she started dance class and let me tell you it is like a switch went on in that little girl. She is so happy and uplifted and just sun-shiny all the time now. It makes me feel a slight ping of jealousy that I couldn’t make her that happy but really it is about her and she is happy now and that is what matters most. She really loves every second of school (three days a week and she is only one of six students). She is very creative and engaged. She just talks on and on about what her class is doing. They started a science experiment today. Two cups filled with water (one with fresh water and one with salt) the children tasted the water and she was very quick to share no one was allowed to “double dip” and they will document each day what is happening to the water in each cup. TOO CUTE!

I also this weekend reconnected with a childhood friend of mine. She had an art showing at a gallery here in town. She was somewhat successful in California with private buyers but would like to be more main stream. She moved back here (home) about the same time I did. I hope she sells some paintings!! A really awesome thing is she has offered to have MD sit with her and teach her and maybe shape MD’s painting talents a bit. My friend has a master’s degree in art as well so this is a wonderful opportunity for MD. She also asked me to sit for her to model. That makes me self conscious but it could be fun?.??


JM’s surgery is scheduled for the 17th of September. He is having he’s adenoids, tonsils and a large growth removed from his sinus cavity. That growth is absolutely preventing him from breathing on that one side and the doctor sees from the CT scan there is an infection under his eye and next to his brain because of it. We are hoping by taking such aggressive actions thing will start getting better for him. Although I will say ever since I told him the three day EEG was the “cure” to his neck tick he no longer has the neck tick??? BUT that does not dismiss the nighttime mini seizures and irregular overnight EEG (T4 spikes). So He will be missing about two weeks of school. Which I have to say may not be all that bad because right now all they are doing is kindergarten review and JM is getting in trouble everyday because he is flat out bored. So hopefully when he returns to class they will have started some new material. Ok so that’s about it for now.

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