Summer Challenge 2009

Summer is upon us once again with only school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Last summer I tried to do a summer challenge put to me by my friend JV over at More Laundry . It was basically a call to try new things. I tried to grow flowers and potted plants… well that was ok until my house was over run with sugar ants and my hubby kicked the pots out. Next was making recycled gift ideas and that went ok although they weren’t very practical other then the fact my child painted then and they look nice. Last summer I did get control of my helium hand and have somewhat maintained this (act of offering to do everything anyone asks of me time permitting or not).

 I’m not sure what all I will try this summer. I would like to slow down and enjoy the children as much as possible. JM will start 1st grade and MD will start P-K three days a week in the fall so I want to bottle this summer in a jar and keep it for all time.

 I would also like to commit to getting rid of more stuff we don’t need. This is so hard for me. The “but we MAY need it” factor is what gets me. But “stuff” is just everywhere. And there are so many that could use some of these things. I will be working on this. Maybe I will do a Get rid of ten this a week challenge… I’m not sure yet. 

The biggie is I am committing to me. To working out at the gym without feeling guilty about it. I spent the money on the membership and now I will use it. I will use it no matter what, even if it means we miss some group activities, I will just have to make up for it with one on one time with the kids.  

 I’m excited about this summer. I know it’s going to zoom by. Best of all we are starting it out right… we’re off to the beach house right after school lets out until June 15th!!! YEAH!!   


So here’s to all I want to challenge myself with this summer and let’s hear about what you want to challenge yourself with.

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