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Things have been good but busy. It seems I can’t get to posting regularly for some reason. I have been hitting the gym about three times a week and that is really taking up a lot of my time. That is a good thing but it does present a problem when it comes to doing other things like blogging and playgroups. 

We did just finish teacher appreciation week so PTA was very busy doing extra stuff for our teachers. Now it is planning for the end of the year party as well as the end of the year gift for the teacher. I think I will have each children sign their name to a plastic pot and plant a nice flower in it. I think that will be a nice keepsake. I also made her a DVD slideshow from pictures from the entire year set to music.

 I have also committed to being the Vice President of our PTA for next year so there are some planning meetings for that coming up. We have a new school that will be opening up that will draw from our teachers in the fall. It will also take our student numbers from about 1200 to 600. Sadly we still don’t know which teachers are staying or going. I was hoping to be able to request a teacher before Fall. There are rumors that JM’s current teacher is requesting to stay at our school and move up to 1st grade and that would be amazing for us! But who knows. I’m going to try not to stress too much about it but I know I will.

I am looking forward to this summer. I am hoping to have more free time without having to worry about school drop off and pick up. For the past year I have been wanting to get back into scrapbook and I am hoping the summer months will see this coming into light.

 I also have another major choice I need to make before the end of summer, really I need to make it in the next month. I am struggling as it is a life altering decision and it seems my batting average on making good choices is rather low. So on goes that struggle.

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  1. Brande
    May 20, 2009 @ 11:07:05

    that tickled me… my batting avg is pretty low too!!!


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