Busy Busy!

So much has been going on. Between three book clubs, two mom support playgroup type clubs, a moms social club, PTA, tee-ball, working two part time jobs, adding the gym to my schedule and oh yeah my family I am on scheduling overload. While I have had less time for activities I really love like blogging and message boards I have been really happy. I have been going to the gym about three times a week and loving it. I sometimes do a workout routine by myself but mostly I do the fitness classes run by the trainers. They are so much fun! I think my favorite is the Aquatics class; the description is Power, intervals, circuits, kick boxing and more. Love it! Well you have to look pass I am one of the youngest ones in the class and the music is Big Band but it makes me feel so strong as the class normally starts out with about thirty ladies and ends with only about ten of us.


My food is still an everyday struggle. I will say I have eaten about two bags of baby carrots in four days and I sit here typing and munching on almonds. I have no idea if I am losing weight because I said I would not weigh for one month from the day the trainer took my measurements so I have about two more weeks.

 In other news JM Lost his first tooth!!! This tooth has been loose forever and just holding on by a thread. JM has been wiggling it to no end and begging anyone who will try to get it out. Well on Friday night we worked on it some more and after no luck with our fingers daddy got out the pliers. It came out but there was so much blood I kind of freaked out! JM was so happy laughing and saying it didn’t hurt. And it did stop bleeding after I gave him an ice pop. He was also very happy with the five dollars and note the tooth fairy left him.

 Very exciting stuff going on in the Crazy Family House!          

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  1. Brande
    May 06, 2009 @ 17:47:07

    I would say to NEVER get on the scale. If you are enjoying yourself at the gym and eating as you should with a few indulgences… then let it BE your lifestyle and forget the number.
    take care girl you know I luv ya.


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