So last night’s Press conference.

I normally find this kind of stuff boring and have a “they know what they are doing” kind of attitude. But maybe because I am getting older and wiser or the economy crisis scares the crap out of me I have been much more involved as far as reading and getting myself more informed in the ways of our government. I do still look to my friend to let me know all the truly down and dirty stuff but as of late I have been looking on my own as well. 


I may not agree with absolutely everything this new President is doing or asking for but I will say I love these Prime time Conferences. I love the “Town Hall” question and answer feel. While it is the media’s faces asking the questions I feel it is the questions so many of John Q American has on our tongues.  So often in the past I did have the “they know what to do” feeling simply because I didn’t feel like I was informed enough to know what the best thing was to do so they must know. This seems different. This seems like the President wants the American people to be “in the loop” if you will. Everyone may not agree on everything but at least we know somewhat the facts of the situations. In the loop is a good place to be for me.


I loved what the President said about why he didn’t comment immediately in regards to the AIG bonuses; He said he likes to know what he’s talking about before he speaks. I totally laughed my ass off! 


Overall I think it went well and I love the Chris Rock thing he has going on. How he makes a quick ending statement says thank you and goodnight and turns and leaves so quick if you blink you miss it. I swear I keep waiting for him to drop the mic!  


On a last note I will say I hate Twitter and those media that are real time “twittering”. It just annoys me.   

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