some from here some from there….

Well I think I am ready to come out of this funk. I exercised today for the first time in weeks on the Wii Fit. The Wii Fit is fun but I am still trying to get the hang of it. My food hasn’t been great but at least I got some exercising in. Now that I have a working camera again (I decided on an Olympus Stylus 1010)

MD and I painted the beads and buttons we made last week for “B” week. (lovin’ the cute blue paint spots on her cheek in this photo). Then we had fun stringing them into necklaces. I think mine sort of looks like a Goddess but maybe not. They weigh a ton so not much function but a really fun process. Again not my idea I saw it on this cute site. Anyway the home schooling preschool projects have been fun and relaxing so far. I plan to take JM out of school and we will all go to the Renaissance Festival this Friday so I am hoping to turn that into a learning experience as well. 


I have also managed to take a step (or five) back from the three moms groups I belong to as well as PTA. Saying I couldn’t do this or that or attend an event made me feel really guilty at first but I am realizing I create that guilt. I owe it to myself and my children to feel more balance and do what is important. What I was doing is in my mind thinking if I don’t do whatever it is I am being asked to do then no one will. Now I am trying to adopt the opinion if no one does it I’m ok with that. If it is something that is important to me than I should step up and only if it is something I feel is important to me. I am feeling so much freer!!!


I also had dental work done yesterday and OMH I hate the dentist. I have been sore all yesterday and all of today but I am already feeling better and I know when this soreness wears off I will be feeling a lot better. So all in all things are going good. 


My scrapbook cabinet still stares at me to work on my craft and I really plan on making that my next thing to work on. I want to do more “me” crafts. I swear I will have this whole stay at home mommy stuff down just in time for my “baby” to start school!!!

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  1. brande
    Mar 12, 2009 @ 14:25:28

    thats the spirit!!!
    You look really pretty in this picture… I like it. And I think the dark color (shirt) brings out your eyes… take care girly. I will be checking back on you… love always, me.


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