30 Days :: 08

Today MD and I hosted a very small group art playdate. I forget which blog I got the idea from but if it was yours, I thank you and leave a comment so I can give you credit. We had five kids; two 3 year olds and three 4 year olds and it was a perfect number. I covered the table and told them to go to town. They had markers, crayons, watercolor, stamps, paint (with q-tips as brushes) and stickers. They would have worked longer if they had more room. I think next time I’ll cover more tables and I will put two kids per table. It went much better then I though it would and the moms were even able to get some talking in. When the kids were finish creating they just played. At the end of the playtime I cut up each child’s section of the paper to take home. Over all success of the process!


ETA: oh I found who’s idea it was for group art: it was Michelle at Her Cup Overfloweth . Thank you for your great and fun idea! Oh and on a side note the kids did get me on Splash Mountain…

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  1. Michelle
    Feb 18, 2009 @ 14:57:50

    I am sooooo glad they had fun!

    thanks for the mention!!!


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