30 days :: 03

I still have mixed feelings about this moment in my day. He is so excited still even after six months of school to get out of the car. He kisses me and tells me don’t worry he’ll be back later. That’s my sweet boy, always concerned for his dear old mom. My only comfort is the alone time I’m getting with MD. That and JM truly does have a love of learning. When he was a baby I flirted with home schooling but I now realize while no one has as much interest in him doing well, being in the classroom is the best setting for him. I am doing more stuff with him at home to further what he is learning but I am glad I am an aid and not the teacher. This month his classroom theme is space. Oh man this boy loves space and planets. He has also become quite the artist. His art teacher approached me at how proud she is of him. I had no idea because she is saving everything for an end of the year portfolio to send home all at once. I was shocked truthfully because this is the boy who never would finger paint because it was yucky, never play in shaving cream because of the mess and just wouldn’t color because he said it was for girls. Now at home he carries a sketchbook and often just drops to the floor to draw when an idea hits. My heart burst with pride.   

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