I’ve been around just not here….

Don’t ask me where I’ve been or what has taken my time away from this blog. I love to write, to journal. I think about what I would write but it seems there is just never enough time. J (crazydad) and I are working on a project together which is time consuming and not going too quick. J also loves to write but he writes novels or short stories. He has three or four sitting on our harddrive doing nothing but waiting for our computer to crash so we will lose them. One of them was based on my idea and theory, so when I recently had another idea for a novel after telling me to write it myself, he offered to co-write it. I am intimidated by actually writing a novel. So we have storyboarded and made changes and storyboarded some more. That is as far as we have gotten but I like it. It isn’t exactly like the vision in my mind but there is still time to bring him around to more like what I want. He is the master with the words so I need his input when it comes down to it 


I have been offline more the last few weeks. One day I realized I was on messages boards and facebook far more then I needed to be so I have been making a conscious effort to cut back. The piles of things I “need” to do on my desk that is meant to be used for my creative hobbies is starting to become more cleared off. I still want to start creating the scrapbook layouts to sell but I have yet to find it a priority. 


I’ve also begun the daunting task of interviewing schools for MD for next Fall. In our state all children who enter Kindergarten have the right to 3 hours of free preschool instruction time at an approved school the Fall before. If it were up to me I would not send her but she still cries almost everyday when we drop JM off at his school pleading with me to leave her as well. I tell you it does wonders on my self esteem. Mean while the boy is so bored in kindergarten he is becoming quite the class clown and getting in trouble. The teacher approached me last week about gifted testing. I have mixed feelings about it. J is worried about labels but without them I worry JM won’t get what he craves and that is attention, knowledge and teachers that teach “outside the box”. Those type of teacher generally are your gifted teachers. We’ll see what happens.


As far as how my food and exercise is going…. well…. I am doing my typical avoid game… if I avoid the problem there is no problem. My very own form of “I think therefore I am”.       

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  1. lucy
    Feb 02, 2009 @ 01:50:44

    Thank God you are back… I’m excited to hear of you and J’s project… seems you have a lot going on. I fully understand.
    take care girly and don’t take so long to update. I was getting tired of reading about ‘change’ 🙂


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