Check my Flickr photos if you don’t believe me….I’ll wait.

Inspired by my friend Lisa I have been doing some serious New Year Cleaning. She wanted to do some swapping of long forgotten toys but sadly between the two of us our needs aren’t in sync but none the less I got some much needed toy pruning done. I was just talking to another one of my friends the other day about how it is more difficult for me to let items go then it is for the children. I think part of it is money. I know what I paid for any given item and multiply that feeling if I bought said item new verses from a yard sale or consignment shop. I sold a Strawberry shortcake house MD had long since abandoned for a $6 profit and I must admit it made that a little easier to let go of it. The other part is I hate to let “cool” learning toys go that I think the kids can still benefit from I think they will pick them back up one day. I will admit purging some toys these past two days feels nice and both kids room look a bit less cluttered. I fill one plastic bin from each child’s room. It is amazing how much stuff these kids have. MD tried to “help” me but I realized after the “keeping” baby doll group was about fifteen dolls and the “selling” group was only two dolls we had a problem. I also raided our board game shelf which was very difficult and managed to get rid of eight games so now we are down to a mere twenty five games is you count the deck of cards, barrel of monkeys and puzzles. 


But I did get two full bins in addition to our train table and I currently have them listed in a few local sites. That train table has been a long time coming but I got such a great deal on it and we really have gotten great use out of it. But really it is now just used as a dumping ground. I feel so much better to know these things will go to new home where they will be needed and used!!! 


I’m hoping to buy everyone new bed sheets with the earnings. Each bed in our house only has one worn out set currently. What is a good soft thread count?


Ok so how are you simplifying your life today? 


BTW my eating is tippy toeing the line but I have been exercising everyday. The scale has not been kind but that is ok… I guess.   

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  1. alanajo
    Jan 15, 2009 @ 18:20:20

    Weight loss is one major undertaking. Ive been going at it for over 2 years, and still havent made it all the way to where I need to be. One day at a time, I suppose.


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