With nothing special to say…..

I know I have been away for longer then I wanted. I’ve just haven’t had much to say lately. I have really been working on not over scheduling myself, not over committing and not doing more then I really want to do. One would think this would leave all this “free” time but it hasn’t really but it has created a lot of quiet down time where I am able to read and spend time with my kids and get some Christmas projects done. I still want to make a stock pile of scrapbook layouts to list but that is still in the works. And while I haven’t noted yet on my review page I have been just devouring The Black Dagger book series. I’m mid way through the third one in about two weeks. (I think there are eight in the series)


My food seems to be under some sort of reasonable control. I still need it to be a lower calorie count but I am not out of control. The exercising has been sporadic at best but I haven’t quit. I suppose my weight is maintaining but I have a doctors appointment in nine days and I wanted to be down another 8 pounds so I don’t think that’s going to happen but you never know. Ok off to drink a slim fast.    

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