Many random things

This girl of mine grows more and more like me everyday. At least with her eating habits and that is NOT a good thing. To say her and I are picky eaters would be a severe understatement. Here we have Vanilla Wafers, Carrots, grapes and shredded cheese. (Not sliced cheese oh no that’s “yucky”).


I guess I should be thankful… at least she eats at the table and not as a roamer. 


On a side note, I have been working my ass off on a few huge projects. One is getting my Christmas cards labeled, stamped and mailed. I am almost done with that. The second is a few homemade gifts and ornaments… those are in varies states of completion but hopefully I will pull that together. The third is I have started scrap booking again. I have printed 11 months of pictures but I have not really been inspired to do my own pictures so I am currently making double 12×12 layouts and I am considering putting them up for sale in my (currently empty) Etsy store. All one would need to add is their pictures. Think they would sell? 


Plus I have been reading like a crazy person!! I started a new book series called the Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward. And yes it is about Vampires. 


Last on my list of “need to do ASAP” is I with others in my community have been working diligently to remove a Sex Offender from our community. And he is not just a I was 18 yrs old and you were 17 yrs old kind of guy. He is a real sick puppy!! Sure he did his time and “paid” society for his crimes but not in my mind. This guy is a piece of shit to me and I will continue to do all I can to get him far far away from my children. Plus he lives within 1000 feet of a park and 1500 feet from a school bus stop!! The state didn’t even know the park was there. I am meeting with his probation officer later today.. so send me be strong vibes.  


Ok I guest that is all for now.

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    Dec 02, 2008 @ 15:49:01

    I don’t know who this person is that your so mad about but as far as I’m concerned for the first offense, if he did his time and finished parole he deserves a second chance.

    The registries don’t tell you shit, to use your phrase. You cannot tell who did what.

    I’m for the repealing of the AWA and public registries as was first intended. It should be in the hands of law enforcement only as it was intended.

    Vigilanties have murdered innocent people because of this public registry. Enough of this insanity,

    Next thing you know, they will go after your parents and grand parents, just like they are in this article. It is total insanity, the laws as they are written.


  2. mommywindow
    Dec 03, 2008 @ 00:03:00

    I will tell you just who I am mad at … I am angry as hell at a 47 year old man who raped and did many other awful things to a very young girl. He was let out of prison early two weeks ago and is on probation. Not only did he not disclose to his probation officer the bus stop (which I suppose in fairness he may not have been aware of) or the plain as the nose on your face park he was not for coming on his rental application when he moved into my housing development about his previous address. I happen to live in a state that is an “open information” state so after speaking directly with his probation officer several times I know exactly what he did and to whom. (At least the times he was caught which he was convicted on four separate counts). So please excuse the fact I want this child raping piece of shit away from my family.


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