What Time Do you Have?

I have certain pet peeves in life. One is doing what one says they will do. For me I do over commit myself but I will do what I say I will do. The other is being on time. As an adult but before I had children I was always early. When the boy came along again almost always early. The girl came and really did a number on me. We would run about 20 minutes behind consistently but I would always make that know to the person I was meeting or call when I realized I would be late. Over the past year I have finally gotten better and once again I am back on track with my punctuality. 


So last year when we were about to move into this house my mother recommended a carpet cleaner. He was a parent at her school. I called, set an appointment and on that set day and time…. He was a no show. He called later that day with a sob story about his mother being in the hospital the night before. Ok whatever the house was empty with no furniture because we had yet to move in and he came the following day no real harm. On that day he showed up about 30 minutes late with no “I’m sorry” nothing but I was just happy he was there whatever. 


So this year rolls around I get a discount by using him again and after calling around I find yes in deed he is the best way to go price wise. I make an appointment last week, he called to confirm last night and yet here I sit a full hour after the appointment time with no one here and no call to tell me what has gone wrong. I have called several times and all I get is voice mail. This really irritates me. He better come today because I have moved almost every piece of furniture off the carpet and onto the tile. And in the bedrooms the beds are piled high with toys and stuff. Oh this guy better show up! I think next year I will pay a little more and try to find someone who understands the meaning of an appointment!   

ETA Now at five hours late with not one word….I’ve lost almost all hope. What a waste of a day!

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