OK This is TV Tuesday


I love TV. I always have but there are only so many hours in a day you know…But then there came something called… DVR. I love our DVR. No longer do I worry about what I am missing or do I rush home to catch my Soap. It’s just nice. 


I think I watch about ten shows a week during the season. I am really a reality show junky. Big Brother is my favorite although the last few seasons have been in the toilet. 


They tried to add a winter version. One of CBSs attempts to have fresh TV on during the writer’s strike. (Don’t get me started on that strike!). But that didn’t really work considering the big pull for most who watch that show is the half naked sunbathing people not bundled up gathered around a fire people. Also I think I see it with other reality shows as well but no one seems real anymore. I remember when reality shows started everyone was so raw and natural but now everyone has agents and it a bit silly.


But that won’t stop me from watching though!


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