The party Recap

My head is still pounding for the second day in a row. But here is the Princess/Pirate party recap. The day went great. There were gray clouds all around but it only sprinkled in the morning thankfully it never rained. My family showed up at noon and ate a nice lunch my lovely husband made (yellow rice & chicken, salad and apple pie). The kids enjoyed the family and so did I. Then the friends arrived. The boys received a pirate hat & eye patch and the girl received a jewel tiara and I sprinkled them with fairy dust. Then each guest was off to the castles thrown for a photo to be placed inside of the thank you notes. 


While all the guests arrived they ate grilled hot dogs and chips. Craft time came next the boys made treasure maps, pirate medallion necklaces and glued jewels and glitter to foam swords. While the boys were doing their crafts the girls were busy making magic wands and necklaces (pony beads). Everyone was happy with their works of art. They kids enjoyed Pin the eye patch on the pirate and pin the crown on the princess and the treasure hunt was the most popular game. 












 My favorite part was Princess Jennifer’s arrival. I arranged for a friend’s teenage daughter to come and sign autographs and take pictures and play with the girls. The boys hardly noticed but the girls were drawn to her like a moth to a light. It was so much fun. 

 The boys enjoyed cupcakes arranged in the shape of a sword and MD’s castle cake came out absolutely perfect!!!

BUT I have said about a million times yesterday and today I am so glad it is behind us. Even though everything went smooth from the weather to an almost flawless timeline I am glad it is O.V.E.R.!!! There are tons more pictures on my Flickr account if anyone is interested.


I even wrote myself a letter and gave it to CD to give to me at the first sign I want to start planning for next year’s party. In short it says I did not save any money by doing it myself, I did not save myself from any stress by doing it myself and my kids did not have any more fun because I did it myself. 


So next year Chuck E Cheese here we come! 



And yes CD has a similar letter regarding reproducing.      

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