Random childhood memory

When I was a little girl I spend a lot of the summer with my grandmother. My grandparents owned an apartment in a building called The Towers at the beach. There are three towers on the property our apartment was in the middle tower.

 I say apartment but it was probably about 2000 square feet. I loved going there. There was the beach, the buildings had a pool and because there weren’t many children around I was always fussed over by all my grandmother girlfriends when we went to play cards or have tea in their apartments.


I learned how to swim in that pool and had a lot of quality one on one time all those summers. There was an entertainment/ multi purpose room for the residents. It was almost always empty so one could go in there and have fun without really anyone bothering you. It was very large and had several smaller rooms. But the big room was also used for like wedding receptions etc it had a stage. My grandmother would watch me prance on the stage and act or I would dance, it was so much fun! My grandmother liked to knit and watch her “stories” in the afternoon so I also played alone sometimes. I would sit in her bedroom which was about the size of my current living room. So it was bigger then any bedroom I have ever seen to this day. It had a dressing area that lead into the bathroom. The dressing area had a three way mirror that was a vanity table you could sit at. I can not count how many dressing room “interviews” I gave from that seat. There was also a lift top jewelry box that stood on the ground with the prettiest top. My grandmother let me keep my jewelry in there. I would try on my jewelry and admire it in the vanity. 


My bedroom had the brightest yellow dresser, a stand alone vanity table with a cushion bench and a white desk. The desk was neat because the desk part closed up when not in use. My grandparents promised me one day they would give that set to me but they didn’t when they sold the apartment. (I’m just a bit bitter about that).


I think my favorite feature in that apartment was the high ceilings and the sliding doors throughout. My grandmother had thick heavy curtains that was ceiling to floor and when you pulled those open each morning it was just amazing! 


I remember one of the last times I spent there was with my husband. It was on our one year wedding anniversary and he had gotten up early without waking me. I woke up to the smell of coffee and bacon. He had opened the curtains just barely so there was just the tiniest bit of light in the room and I was in the middle of that huge California King size bed and I felt like a princess. 


I sure miss that place. They sold it not long after that trip. Not only did they sell it they sold it with ALL of its contents. I can not believe they did that. The other day I asked my grandmother for a cookbook and she said she thought in was sold in the Towers  apartment kitchen. 


That is the thing about not having any control over certain situations. I would have loved to see my MD sitting at that yellow vanity table with its cushion bench. I would love to feed my kids pigs in the blankets like she did but they will never get to use the neat little pickers that I did every summer. 


I guess that is one of the evils of memories, the only person that can truly see them is myself no matter how much I try and share them.

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  1. lucy
    Nov 15, 2008 @ 00:36:10

    I’m not so sure about that… I just about pictured everything… everywhere…you’ve held on to it quite well…

    have I told you that I love NaBloPoMo? Why? B/c I come here knowing there will most likely be a post.

    Thanks for sharing…


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