Do you have a hobby?

I just posted the new book I started this month. (See side bar for The Page Turning Truth as Crazymom sees it). I read about a book a month. I would love to read more but I can’t seem to find the time. Growing up I watched my own mother read novel after novel and I hope that my kids see the same in me. I know by seeing my mom read as often as she did and still does it instilled my love for books. 


When I walk into a book story it is dangerous, so much in fact I try not to go in book stores at all. I almost can not walk out without one. I have a whole book case filled with books I’ve gathered I still want to read and then there is the shelf with books I love so much I can not stand to part with. To me in those special books those characters are real people who I miss when I finish the book. Silly I know but true.


I like family mystery best but will really read anything. As a girl my favorite books were the VC Andrew books but now my favorite writer is Stephenie Myers (The Twilight Series) but my favorite all time book is The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.


I do favor authors who give me the full story at least by the end of the book or series. I hate when it is left up to my own imagination. I feel like they are that author’s creations and who am I to decide what happens to them. Even in school with those choose your own ending books I would read the book one way and then reread it to reflect all the other possible outcomes. So enough typing for today I’m off to start my November book.

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