Trick or Treat


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This year trick or treating was very fun! It was the first year we went with another family as a group. The kids ran, literally from house to house ringing door bells for candy. I really should Google the history of this holiday. Why we let our children “beg” door to door for food. What happened to the good old days of handing out toothbrushes?  


I love Halloween with my two kids. I have very agreeable children who let me pick what they will be. I love matching sets. They have been Mickey and Minnie, Sheriff Woody and Little Bo Peep (from Toy Story), Lilo and Stitch and this year they were Cinderella and Prince Charming. 


I think the sets are so cute!! I’m sad for the day when they finally realize they should be picking their own costumes. 


The same goes for birthdays. My kids are just shy of two weeks apart… well two years and two weeks so thus far we have had join parties. They of course have been jointly themed. It’s stressful but fun.


 I do think this will be the last year for that, at least if I plan to host at home. In years past due to both children sharing the same set of friends from MOMS Club I wasn’t overwhelmed with a gigantic guest list. Well this year the girl has about nine girls on the list and the boy invited twelve boys from his class and if I would have let him he would have invited the other seven that are girls. 


MD already is asking to do a tea party themed next year. All I can tell her is please let’s get through this year first.


I do hate all the candy. We got tons literally tons!!! When I told Crazydad we are not buying any candy to hand out he was confused. I told him we would let the kids keep a small amount and then just hand out what the kids receive. We did that and then had enough to fill all the party grab bags (plus a set to take to school on his actual birthday). Now that is a lot of candy. I had to get it out of easy reach. Other then that my eating has been under control. The scale is going in the right direction too!






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