How many horses are bothering you?

Everything has been on track these last few days I’ve just been extremely tired. Every free moment I’ve wanted to rest so I have not had a chance to up date my blog. I’m a bit nervous this morning… I’m going for my monthly Doctor’s appointment for my weight issues and my personal goal is 5 pounds. This appointment is actually about 3 weeks since my last once (scheduling issues) so I am a bit anxious.


I know I have been eating better and exercising but sometimes the scale can be unkind. We’ll see. 


I had a dream the other night that I have been thinking about a lot for two days. I have been afraid of dogs for as long as I can remember. This fear of dogs is something I think about everyday, really every time I walk out doors in fear of a loose dog. In the dream I wasn’t scared and in the dream I even made note of that fact. I went so far as to be petting a huge dog. 


In the same dream I saw my BFF from the west. I’m not sure if she was coming here for a visit or I was visiting there but we were hugging and laughing and crying, saying how great each looked. (we both have body image issues). I can’t remember if I was fat or skinny. I often worry we will never actually see each other again although we speak almost daily. 


And then in the dream there was a third thing that seemed to have resolution that has been somewhat of a…. I don’t know if I would say fear but more of something that has been nagging at me for several years. 


Then last night I had another dream. This one was interrupted by the stupid alarm clock so no resolution. This one is another one of those nagging things. It is something that I do believe part of my heart feels in someway was left unfinished. I’m not sure why or how to move past it but I desperately want to.


I wondering if once I get these four things that weigh on my mind a lot  controlled, resolved and/ or dealt with how that would impact my eating.   


I know I have a fifth thing I only reserve to think about every once in a while but one horse (or four) at a time right?      


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